When talking about cancer, Earl and Glenna Singer speak much more of the blessing than the trial.

They talk about the fellow church board member who happened across an advertisement for Provision near the time of Earl’s diagnosis of rectal cancer. There was the FedEx package with information on proton therapy that came as Glenna was praying that it would arrive. Then, an encouraging text and the cross-shaped light on the ceiling of the couple’s hotel room after their consult in Knoxville offered signals of hope.

“Isn’t God good?” Glenna says. “Blessing upon blessing has been bestowed on us!”

All their lives, it has been the Singers bestowing the blessings.

For months Earl had been having symptoms of what would turn out to be a diagnosis of rectal cancer. One night it became obvious he needed further testing. Instead of heading to the ER that evening, the owner of Singer’s Appliance Service in Columbia City, Ind., made a house call to fix the freezer of a customer he knew to be in dire straits, waiting until the next morning to make the trip to the hospital.

That’s typical, says Glenna, who tells of nearly 50 years the couple has spent serving customers through their appliance business along with other ventures and taking an active part in their church.

“Our greatest love has been work for the Lord,” Glenna says. “Earl starts his day out with reading God’s Word, then the cup of coffee and off to appliance repair.’”

Shortly after his diagnosis, after seeing the Provision ad, the couple researched proton therapy. The more they learned, the more it made sense to pursue the treatment.

“With conventional radiation there was only the hope of shrinking the tumor 20 percent,” says Earl. “Why carpet bomb this tumor if I can send a drone in?

“One thing “I’ve learned through this process is I need to take an active part in determining my own treatment. It’s important to listen to my doctors, but in the end I have to make the decision that I believe is best for me.”

However, the couple made their first visit to Tennessee with some trepidation. Earl’s doctor urged them to “make sure it was a legitimate facility.”

“We drove up to the front of the building, and I said, ‘There’s no problem there,’” Glenna says.

They liked the people they met at Provision and, returning to their hotel room that night, they received that faith-filled, encouraging message from their son, part of a series of divine reassurances that they were at the right place for Earl’s cancer treatment.

And while the ultimate outcome of his disease is uncertain, Earl says he believes coming to Provision was absolutely the right choice

“I have not found one person at Provision to be unhappy here,” Earl says. “On a 1-5 scale, I’d rate you number 7.”

“The Provision family became our family away from home,” adds Glenna. “We found in them a true blessing of friendship, and we walked this journey knowing we were not alone.”

And, it should be noted, the Singers delivered blessings of their own.

Glenna, a pianist, regularly regaled the Provision Proton Therapy Center lobby with praise and meditative songs before and after her husband’s treatment—causing more than one employee to wonder if Provision had hired a pianist.


“If the songs I played for the Lord just gave but a moment of comfort, reassurance and blessing to just one patient, then it was worth it all serving Him,” she says.



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